Maintaining an efficient, compliant, and service-oriented financial aid operation is no small task for colleges and universities. Yet, the need to do so has never been greater. Having a high-functioning financial aid office plays a key role in helping schools meet their strategic enrollment goals, while also avoiding potential compliance liabilities.

CU Consulting’s President Todd Martin understands these demands. The following services are designed to help schools optimize their financial aid operations and related student services by implementing smart solutions. Service support may be selected from the following core areas:

Financial Aid Outsourcing

CU Consulting will take care of the financial aid processing and help you reduce costs.

Temporary Staffing

CU Consulting provides experienced financial aid administrators from counselor to the director level.

Remote Processing

CU Consulting takes great pride in the selection of our consultants matching experience to each college and university.

Performance Assessment and Enhancement

Our Five Step Comprehensive Financial Aid Office Performance Assessment and Enhancement provides valuable insight and recommendations for office operational improvement.

Program Review Preparation

CU Consulting can help you prepare for program reviews and audits.

Default Management

CU Consulting has partnered with AR Management to provide default prevention.

Ready to Work With Us?

Our consultants have an average of 30 years’ experience in financial aid operations and provide excellence in managing the office.

The value of our service is beyond compare.  We have competitive prices and a proven track record.

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