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Our consultants have an average of 30 years' experience in financial aid operations and provide excellence in managing the office.


CU Consulting will take care of the financial aid processing and help you reduce costs.


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Temporary Staffing

CU Consulting provides experienced financial aid administrators from counselor to the director level.  Our temporary staff members help relieve the stress of being short staffed and allow for a quality search to be conducted for a new financial aid officer. READ MORE

Financial Aid Outsourcing

CU Consulting will take care of the financial aid processing and help you reduce costs.

Remote Processing

CU Consulting takes great pride in the selection of our consultants matching experience to each college and university.

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"Todd Martin arrived at Fontbonne University during a time of great transition in leadership and turmoil in the financial aid office and overall enrollment management.  Our federal reporting was behind schedule and inconsistent.  His keen assessment first resolved and brought up to speed all of our federal accounts, and he built a team in financial aid that was much more attuned to the needs of our students and their families.  Working with a new VP for Enrollment Management, he was able to better focus our award matrix to target prospective students and strengthen retention."
"CU consulting successfully addressed the challenges it faced here.  Among them were the need to fill several vacancies on our Financial Aid staff and to conduct a reconciliation of accounts going back several years that no one else had been able to complete.  CU is well informed and up to date on federal rules and brought its experience with best practice in the field to the work here."
Gary Zack, Ph.D.Vice President for Finance and Administration, Fontbonne University